The Bible Reading Plan

Readings for July 3:

First, Leviticus Chapter 11 verses 13 to 33 from Isaiah Chapter 18 verse 1 to Chapter 19 verse 17. The third part is from Job Chapter 35 verse 1 to Chapter 36 verse 15; and lastly Acts Chapter 9 verses 1 to 22

You can read the passages below. If you're looking to read for a different day or want to use your own Bible, then here’s the entire year’s plan as a list. Enjoy!

Section 1

Leviticus Chapter 11

13"'These you shall detest among the birds; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the vulture, and the black vulture, 14and the red kite, any kind of black kite, 15any kind of raven, 16the horned owl, the screech owl, and the gull, any kind of hawk, 17the little owl, the cormorant, the great owl, 18the white owl, the desert owl, the osprey, 19the stork, any kind of heron, the hoopoe, and the bat. 20"'All flying insects that walk on all fours are an abomination to you. 21Yet you may eat these: of all winged creeping things that go on all fours, which have legs above their feet, with which to hop on the earth. 22Even of these you may eat: any kind of locust, any kind of katydid, any kind of cricket, and any kind of grasshopper. 23But all winged creeping things which have four feet, are an abomination to you. 24"'By these you will become unclean: whoever touches the carcass of them shall be unclean until the evening. 25Whoever carries any part of their carcass shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the evening. 26"'Every animal which parts the hoof, and is not cloven-footed, nor chews the cud, is unclean to you. Everyone who touches them shall be unclean. 27Whatever goes on its paws, among all animals that go on all fours, they are unclean to you. Whoever touches their carcass shall be unclean until the evening. 28He who carries their carcass shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the evening. They are unclean to you. 29"'These are they which are unclean to you among the creeping things that creep on the earth: the weasel, the rat, any kind of great lizard, 30the gecko, and the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the skink, and the chameleon. 31These are they which are unclean to you among all that creep. Whoever touches them when they are dead, shall be unclean until the evening. 32On whatever any of them falls when they are dead, it shall be unclean; whether it is any vessel of wood, or clothing, or skin, or sack, whatever vessel it is, with which any work is done, it must be put into water, and it shall be unclean until the evening; then it will be clean. 33Every earthen vessel, into which any of them falls, all that is in it shall be unclean, and you shall break it.

Section 2

Isaiah Chapter 18

1Ah, the land of the rustling of wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia; 2that sends ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of papyrus on the waters, saying, "Go, you swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth, to a people awesome from their beginning onward, a nation that measures out and treads down, whose land the rivers divide!" 3All you inhabitants of the world, and you dwellers on the earth, when a banner is lifted up on the mountains, look! When the trumpet is blown, listen! 4For TheIAM (Yahweh) said to me, "I will be still, and I will see in my dwelling place, like clear heat in sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest." 5For before the harvest, when the blossom is over, and the flower becomes a ripening grape, he will cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and he will cut down and take away the spreading branches. 6They will be left together for the ravenous birds of the mountains, and for the animals of the earth. The ravenous birds will summer on them, and all the animals of the earth will winter on them. 7In that time, a present will be brought to TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies from a people tall and smooth, even from a people awesome from their beginning onward, a nation that measures out and treads down, whose land the rivers divide, to the place of the name of TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies, Mount Zion.

Isaiah Chapter 19

1The burden of Egypt: "Behold, TheIAM (Yahweh) rides on a swift cloud, and comes to Egypt. The idols of Egypt will tremble at his presence; and the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst. 2I will stir up the Egyptians against the Egyptians, and they will fight everyone against his brother, and everyone against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. 3The spirit of Egypt will fail in its midst. I will destroy its counsel. They will seek the idols, the charmers, those who have familiar spirits, and the wizards. 4I will give over the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel lord (Adon) . A fierce king will rule over them," says the Lord (Adon) , TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies. 5The waters will fail from the sea, and the river will be wasted and become dry. 6The rivers will become foul. The streams of Egypt will be diminished and dried up. The reeds and flags will wither away. 7The meadows by the Nile, by the brink of the Nile, and all the sown fields of the Nile, will become dry, be driven away, and be no more. 8The fishermen will lament, and all those who fish in the Nile will mourn, and those who spread nets on the waters will languish. 9Moreover those who work in combed flax, and those who weave white cloth, will be confounded. 10The pillars will be broken in pieces. All those who work for hire will be grieved in soul. 11The princes of Zoan are utterly foolish. The counsel of the wisest counselors of Pharaoh has become stupid. How do you say to Pharaoh, "I am the son of the wise, the son of ancient kings?" 12Where then are your wise men? Let them tell you now; and let them know what TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies has purposed concerning Egypt. 13The princes of Zoan have become fools. The princes of Memphis are deceived. They have caused Egypt to go astray, who are the cornerstone of her tribes. 14TheIAM (Yahweh) has mixed a spirit of perverseness in the midst of her; and they have caused Egypt to go astray in all of its works, like a drunken man staggers in his vomit. 15Neither shall there be for Egypt any work, which head or tail, palm branch or rush, may do. 16In that day the Egyptians will be like women. They will tremble and fear because of the shaking of the hand of TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies, which he shakes over them. 17The land of Judah will become a terror to Egypt. Everyone to whom mention is made of it will be afraid, because of the plans of TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies, which he determines against it.

Section 3

Job Chapter 35

1Moreover Elihu answered, 2"Do you think this to be your right, or do you say, 'My righteousness is more than God (El) 's,' 3That you ask, 'What advantage will it be to you? What profit shall I have, more than if I had sinned?' 4I will answer you, and your companions with you. 5Look to the heavens, and see. See the skies, which are higher than you. 6If you have sinned, what effect do you have against him? If your transgressions are multiplied, what do you do to him? 7If you are righteous, what do you give him? Or what does he receive from your hand? 8Your wickedness may hurt a man as you are, and your righteousness may profit a son of man. 9"By reason of the multitude of oppressions they cry out. They cry for help by reason of the arm of the mighty. 10But none says, 'Where is God (Eloah) my Maker, who gives songs in the night, 11who teaches us more than the animals of the earth, and makes us wiser than the birds of the sky?' 12There they cry, but none gives answer, because of the pride of evil men. 13Surely God (El) will not hear an empty cry, neither will the Almighty (Shaddai) regard it. 14How much less when you say you don't see him. The cause is before him, and you wait for him! 15But now, because he has not visited in his anger, neither does he greatly regard arrogance. 16Therefore Job opens his mouth with empty talk, and he multiplies words without knowledge."

Job Chapter 36

1Elihu also continued, and said, 2"Bear with me a little, and I will show you; for I still have something to say on God (Eloah) 's behalf. 3I will get my knowledge from afar, and will ascribe righteousness to my Maker. 4For truly my words are not false. One who is perfect in knowledge is with you. 5"Behold, God (El) is mighty, and doesn't despise anyone. He is mighty in strength of understanding. 6He doesn't preserve the life of the wicked, but gives to the afflicted their right. 7He doesn't withdraw his eyes from the righteous, but with kings on the throne, he sets them forever, and they are exalted. 8If they are bound in fetters, and are taken in the cords of afflictions, 9then he shows them their work, and their transgressions, that they have behaved themselves proudly. 10He also opens their ears to instruction, and commands that they return from iniquity. 11If they listen and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures. 12But if they don't listen, they shall perish by the sword; they shall die without knowledge. 13"But those who are godless in heart lay up anger. They don't cry for help when he binds them. 14They die in youth. Their life perishes among the unclean. 15He delivers the afflicted by their affliction, and opens their ear in oppression.

Section 4

Acts Chapter 9

1But Saul, still breathing threats and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord (Kurios) , went to the high priest, 2and asked for letters from him to the synagogues of Damascus, that if he found any who were of the Way, whether men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem. 3As he traveled, it happened that he got close to Damascus, and suddenly a light from the sky shone around him. 4He fell on the earth, and heard a voice saying to him, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" 5He said, "Who are you, Lord (Kurios) ?" The Lord (Kurios) said, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. 6But rise up, and enter into the city, and you will be told what you must do." 7The men who traveled with him stood speechless, hearing the sound, but seeing no one. 8Saul arose from the ground, and when his eyes were opened, he saw no one. They led him by the hand, and brought him into Damascus. 9He was without sight for three days, and neither ate nor drank. 10Now there was a certain disciple at Damascus named Ananias. The Lord (Kurios) said to him in a vision, "Ananias!" He said, "Behold, it's me, Lord (Kurios) ." 11The Lord (Kurios) said to him, "Arise, and go to the street which is called Straight, and inquire in the house of Judah for one named Saul, a man of Tarsus. For behold, he is praying, 12and in a vision he has seen a man named Ananias coming in, and laying his hands on him, that he might receive his sight." 13But Ananias answered, "Lord (Kurios) , I have heard from many about this man, how much evil he did to your saints at Jerusalem. 14Here he has authority from the chief priests to bind all who call on your name." 15But the Lord (Kurios) said to him, "Go your way, for he is my chosen vessel to bear my name before the nations and kings, and the children of Israel. 16For I will show him how many things he must suffer for my name's sake." 17Ananias departed, and entered into the house. Laying his hands on him, he said, "Brother Saul, the Lord (Kurios) , who appeared to you on the road by which you came, has sent me, that you may receive your sight, and be filled with the Holy Spirit." 18Immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he received his sight. He arose and was baptized. 19He took food and was strengthened. Saul stayed several days with the disciples who were at Damascus. 20Immediately in the synagogues he proclaimed the AnointedOne (Kristos) , that he is the Son of God. 21All who heard him were amazed, and said, "Isn't this he who in Jerusalem made havoc of those who called on this name? And he had come here intending to bring them bound before the chief priests!" 22But Saul increased more in strength, and confounded the Jews who lived at Damascus, proving that this is the AnointedOne (Kristos) .