The Bible Reading Plan

Readings for November 2:

First, Deuteronomy Chapter 2 verses 16 to 37 from Ezekiel Chapter 32 verse 17 to Chapter 33 verse 9. The third part is from Proverbs Chapter 19 verse 9 to Chapter 20 verse 6; and lastly from Titus Chapter 2 verse 9 to Chapter 3 verse 15

You can read the passages below. If you're looking to read for a different day or want to use your own Bible, then here’s the entire year’s plan as a list. Enjoy!

Section 1

Deuteronomy Chapter 2

16So it happened, when all the men of war were consumed and dead from among the people, 17that TheIAM (Yahweh) spoke to me, saying, 18"You are this day to pass over Ar, the border of Moab: 19and when you come near over against the children of Ammon, don't bother them, nor contend with them; for I will not give you of the land of the children of Ammon for a possession; because I have given it to the children of Lot for a possession." 20(That also is accounted a land of Rephaim: Rephaim lived therein before; but the Ammonites call them Zamzummim, 21a people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakim; but TheIAM (Yahweh) destroyed them before them; and they succeeded them, and lived in their place; 22as he did for the children of Esau, who dwell in Seir, when he destroyed the Horites from before them; and they succeeded them, and lived in their place even to this day: 23and the Avvim, who lived in villages as far as Gaza, the Caphtorim, who came forth out of Caphtor, destroyed them, and lived in their place.) 24"Rise up, take your journey, and pass over the valley of the Arnon: behold, I have given into your hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his land; begin to possess it, and contend with him in battle. 25This day will I begin to put the dread of you and the fear of you on the peoples who are under the whole sky, who shall hear the report of you, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of you." 26I sent messengers out of the wilderness of Kedemoth to Sihon king of Heshbon with words of peace, saying, 27"Let me pass through your land: I will go along by the highway, I will turn neither to the right hand nor to the left. 28You shall sell me food for money, that I may eat; and give me water for money, that I may drink: only let me pass through on my feet, 29as the children of Esau who dwell in Seir, and the Moabites who dwell in Ar, did to me; until I shall pass over the Jordan into the land which TheIAM (Yahweh) our God (Elohim) gives us." 30But Sihon king of Heshbon would not let us pass by him; for TheIAM (Yahweh) your God (Elohim) hardened his spirit, and made his heart obstinate, that he might deliver him into your hand, as at this day. 31TheIAM (Yahweh) said to me, "Behold, I have begun to deliver up Sihon and his land before you: begin to possess, that you may inherit his land." 32Then Sihon came out against us, he and all his people, to battle at Jahaz. 33TheIAM (Yahweh) our God (Elohim) delivered him up before us; and we struck him, and his sons, and all his people. 34We took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed every inhabited city, with the women and the little ones; we left none remaining: 35only the livestock we took for a prey to ourselves, with the spoil of the cities which we had taken. 36From Aroer, which is on the edge of the valley of the Arnon, and [from] the city that is in the valley, even to Gilead, there was not a city too high for us; TheIAM (Yahweh) our God (Elohim) delivered up all before us: 37only to the land of the children of Ammon you didn't come near; all the side of the river Jabbok, and the cities of the hill country, and wherever TheIAM (Yahweh) our God (Elohim) forbade us.

Section 2

Ezekiel Chapter 32

17It happened also in the twelfth year, in the fifteenth [day] of the month, that the word of TheIAM (Yahweh) came to me, saying, 18Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them down, even her, and the daughters of the famous nations, to the lower parts of the earth, with those who go down into the pit. 19Whom do you pass in beauty? Go down, and be laid with the uncircumcised. 20They shall fall in the midst of those who are slain by the sword: she is delivered to the sword; draw her away and all her multitudes. 21The strong among the mighty (El) shall speak to him out of the midst of Sheol with those who help him: they are gone down, they lie still, even the uncircumcised, slain by the sword. 22Asshur is there and all her company; her graves are all around her; all of them slain, fallen by the sword; 23whose graves are set in the uttermost parts of the pit, and her company is around her grave; all of them slain, fallen by the sword, who caused terror in the land of the living. 24There is Elam and all her multitude around her grave; all of them slain, fallen by the sword, who are gone down uncircumcised into the lower parts of the earth, who caused their terror in the land of the living, and have borne their shame with those who go down to the pit. 25They have set her a bed in the midst of the slain with all her multitude; her graves are around her; all of them uncircumcised, slain by the sword; for their terror was caused in the land of the living, and they have borne their shame with those who go down to the pit: he is put in the midst of those who are slain. 26There is Meshech, Tubal, and all their multitude; their graves are around them; all of them uncircumcised, slain by the sword; for they caused their terror in the land of the living. 27They shall not lie with the mighty who are fallen of the uncircumcised, who are gone down to Sheol with their weapons of war, and have laid their swords under their heads, and their iniquities are on their bones; for [they were] the terror of the mighty in the land of the living. 28But you shall be broken in the midst of the uncircumcised, and shall lie with those who are slain by the sword. 29There is Edom, her kings and all her princes, who in their might are laid with those who are slain by the sword: they shall lie with the uncircumcised, and with those who go down to the pit. 30There are the princes of the north, all of them, and all the Sidonians, who are gone down with the slain; in the terror which they caused by their might they are put to shame; and they lie uncircumcised with those who are slain by the sword, and bear their shame with those who go down to the pit. 31Pharaoh shall see them, and shall be comforted over all his multitude, even Pharaoh and all his army, slain by the sword, says the Lord (Adonai) TheIAM (Yahweh) . 32For I have put his terror in the land of the living; and he shall be laid in the midst of the uncircumcised, with those who are slain by the sword, even Pharaoh and all his multitude, says the Lord (Adonai) TheIAM (Yahweh) .

Ezekiel Chapter 33

1The word of TheIAM (Yahweh) came to me, saying, 2Son of man, speak to the children of your people, and tell them, When I bring the sword on a land, and the people of the land take a man from among them, and set him for their watchman; 3if, when he sees the sword come on the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; 4then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet, and doesn't take warning, if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be on his own head. 5He heard the sound of the trumpet, and didn't take warning; his blood shall be on him; whereas if he had taken warning, he would have delivered his soul. 6But if the watchman sees the sword come, and doesn't blow the trumpet, and the people aren't warned, and the sword comes, and take any person from among them; he is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand. 7So you, son of man, I have set you a watchman to the house of Israel; therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. 8When I tell the wicked, O wicked man, you shall surely die, and you don't speak to warn the wicked from his way; that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at your hand. 9Nevertheless, if you warn the wicked of his way to turn from it, and he doesn't turn from his way; he shall die in his iniquity, but you have delivered your soul.

Section 3

Proverbs Chapter 19

9A false witness shall not be unpunished. He who utters lies shall perish. 10Delicate living is not appropriate for a fool, much less for a servant to have rule over princes. 11The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger. It is his glory to overlook an offense. 12The king's wrath is like the roaring of a lion, but his favor is like dew on the grass (esev) . 13A foolish son is the calamity of his father. A wife's quarrels are a continual dripping. 14House and riches are an inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife is from TheIAM (Yahweh) . 15Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep. The idle soul shall suffer hunger. 16He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul, but he who is contemptuous in his ways shall die. 17He who has pity on the poor lends to TheIAM (Yahweh) ; he will reward him. 18Discipline your son, for there is hope; don't be a willing party to his death. 19A hot-tempered man must pay the penalty, for if you rescue him, you must do it again. 20Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may be wise in your latter end. 21There are many plans in a man's heart, but TheIAM (Yahweh) 's counsel will prevail. 22That which makes a man to be desired is his kindness. A poor man is better than a liar. 23The fear of TheIAM (Yahweh) leads to life, then contentment; he rests and will not be touched by trouble. 24The sluggard buries his hand in the dish; he will not so much as bring it to his mouth again. 25Flog a scoffer, and the simple will learn prudence; rebuke one who has understanding, and he will gain knowledge. 26He who robs his father and drives away his mother, is a son who causes shame and brings reproach. 27If you stop listening to instruction, my son, you will stray from the words of knowledge. 28A corrupt witness mocks justice, and the mouth of the wicked gulps down iniquity. 29Penalties are prepared for scoffers, and beatings for the backs of fools.

Proverbs Chapter 20

1Wine is a mocker, and beer is a brawler. Whoever is led astray by them is not wise. 2The terror of a king is like the roaring of a lion. He who provokes him to anger forfeits his own life. 3It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife; but every fool will be quarreling. 4The sluggard will not plow by reason of the winter; therefore he shall beg in harvest, and have nothing. 5Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out. 6Many men claim to be men of unfailing love, but who can find a faithful man?

Section 4

Titus Chapter 2

9Exhort servants to be in subjection to their own masters (Despotes) , and to be well-pleasing in all things; not contradicting; 10not stealing, but showing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God, our Savior, in all things. 11For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men, 12instructing us to the intent that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we would live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world; 13looking for the blessed hope and appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus AnointedOne (Kristos) ; 14who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify for himself a people for his own possession, zealous for good works. 15Say these things and exhort and reprove with all authority. Let no man despise you.

Titus Chapter 3

1Remind them to be in subjection to rulers and to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, 2to speak evil of no one, not to be contentious, to be gentle, showing all humility toward all men. 3For we were also once foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. 4But when the kindness of God our Savior and his love toward mankind appeared, 5not by works of righteousness, which we did ourselves, but according to his mercy, he saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit, 6whom he poured out on us richly, through Jesus AnointedOne (Kristos) our Savior; 7that, being justified by his grace, we might be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life. 8This saying is faithful, and concerning these things I desire that you affirm confidently, so that those who have believed God may be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable to men; 9but shun foolish questionings, genealogies, strife, and disputes about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain. 10Avoid a factious man after a first and second warning; 11knowing that such a one is perverted, and sins, being self-condemned. 12When I send Artemas to you, or Tychicus, be diligent to come to me to Nicopolis, for I have determined to winter there. 13Send Zenas, the lawyer, and Apollos on their journey speedily, that nothing may be lacking for them. 14Let our people also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they may not be unfruitful. 15All who are with me greet you. Greet those who love us in faith. Grace be with you all. Amen.