The Bible Reading Plan

You can read the passages below. If you're looking to read for a different day or want to use your own Bible, then here’s the entire year’s plan as a list. Enjoy!

The readings:

Numbers Chapter 9 verses 9 to 23 from Jeremiah Chapter 26 verse 19 to Chapter 27 verse 15. The third part is Psalm 82 to Chapter 83 verse 0; and lastly 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 verses 12 to 35

Section 1

Numbers Chapter 9

1TheIAM (Yahweh) spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the first month of the second year after they had come out of the land of Egypt, saying, 2"Moreover let the children of Israel keep the Passover in its appointed season. 3On the fourteenth day of this month, at evening, you shall keep it in its appointed season - according to all its statutes, and according to all its ordinances, you shall keep it." 4Moses spoke to the children of Israel, that they should keep the Passover. 5They kept the Passover in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at evening, in the wilderness of Sinai. According to all that TheIAM (Yahweh) commanded Moses, so the children of Israel did. 6There were certain men, who were unclean because of the dead body of a man, so that they could not keep the Passover on that day, and they came before Moses and before Aaron on that day. 7Those men said to him, "We are unclean because of the dead body of a man. Why are we kept back, that we may not offer the offering of TheIAM (Yahweh) in its appointed season among the children of Israel?" 8Moses answered them, "Wait, that I may hear what TheIAM (Yahweh) will command concerning you." 9TheIAM (Yahweh) spoke to Moses, saying, 10"Say to the children of Israel, 'If any man of you or of your generations is unclean by reason of a dead body, or is on a journey far away, he shall still keep the Passover to TheIAM (Yahweh) . 11In the second month, on the fourteenth day at evening they shall keep it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. 12They shall leave none of it until the morning, nor break a bone of it. According to all the statute of the Passover they shall keep it. 13But the man who is clean, and is not on a journey, and fails to keep the Passover, that soul shall be cut off from his people. Because he didn't offer the offering of TheIAM (Yahweh) in its appointed season, that man shall bear his sin. 14"'If a foreigner lives among you, and desires to keep the Passover to TheIAM (Yahweh) ; according to the statute of the Passover, and according to its ordinance, so shall he do. You shall have one statute, both for the foreigner, and for him who is born in the land.'" 15On the day that the tabernacle was raised up, the cloud covered the tabernacle, even the Tent of the Testimony: and at evening it was over the tabernacle as it were the appearance of fire, until morning. 16So it was continually. The cloud covered it, and the appearance of fire by night. 17Whenever the cloud was taken up from over the Tent, then after that the children of Israel traveled; and in the place where the cloud remained, there the children of Israel encamped. 18At the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) , the children of Israel traveled, and at the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) they encamped. As long as the cloud remained on the tabernacle they remained encamped. 19When the cloud stayed on the tabernacle many days, then the children of Israel kept TheIAM (Yahweh) 's command, and didn't travel. 20Sometimes the cloud was a few days on the tabernacle; then according to the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) they remained encamped, and according to the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) they traveled. 21Sometimes the cloud was from evening until morning; and when the cloud was taken up in the morning, they traveled: or by day and by night, when the cloud was taken up, they traveled. 22Whether it was two days, or a month, or a year that the cloud stayed on the tabernacle, remaining on it, the children of Israel remained encamped, and didn't travel; but when it was taken up, they traveled. 23At the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) they encamped, and at the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) they traveled. They kept TheIAM (Yahweh) 's command, at the commandment of TheIAM (Yahweh) by Moses.

Section 2

Jeremiah Chapter 26

19Did Hezekiah king of Judah and all Judah put him to death? Didn't he fear TheIAM (Yahweh) , and entreat the favor of TheIAM (Yahweh) , and TheIAM (Yahweh) relented of the disaster which he had pronounced against them? Thus should we commit great evil against our own souls. 20There was also a man who prophesied in the name of TheIAM (Yahweh) , Uriah the son of Shemaiah of Kiriath Jearim; and he prophesied against this city and against this land according to all the words of Jeremiah: 21and when Jehoiakim the king, with all his mighty men, and all the princes, heard his words, the king sought to put him to death; but when Uriah heard it, he was afraid, and fled, and went into Egypt: 22and Jehoiakim the king sent men into Egypt, [namely], Elnathan the son of Achbor, and certain men with him, into Egypt; 23and they fetched forth Uriah out of Egypt, and brought him to Jehoiakim the king, who killed him with the sword, and cast his dead body into the graves of the common people. 24But the hand of Ahikam the son of Shaphan was with Jeremiah, that they should not give him into the hand of the people to put him to death.

Jeremiah Chapter 27

1In the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah, king of Judah, came this word to Jeremiah from TheIAM (Yahweh) , saying, 2Thus says TheIAM (Yahweh) to me: Make bonds and bars, and put them on your neck; 3and send them to the king of Edom, and to the king of Moab, and to the king of the children of Ammon, and to the king of Tyre, and to the king of Sidon, by the hand of the messengers who come to Jerusalem to Zedekiah king of Judah; 4and give them a command to their masters (Adon) , saying, Thus says TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies, the God (Elohim) of Israel, You shall tell your masters (Adon) : 5I have made the earth, the men and the animals that are on the surface of the earth, by my great power and by my outstretched arm; and I give it to whom it seems right to me. 6Now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, my servant; and the animals of the field also have I given him to serve him. 7All the nations shall serve him, and his son, and his son's son, until the time of his own land come: and then many nations and great kings shall make him their bondservant. 8It shall happen, that the nation and the kingdom which will not serve the same Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and that will not put their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, that nation will I punish, says TheIAM (Yahweh) , with the sword, and with the famine, and with the pestilence, until I have consumed them by his hand. 9But as for you, don't you listen to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreams, nor to your soothsayers, nor to your sorcerers, who speak to you, saying, You shall not serve the king of Babylon: 10for they prophesy a lie to you, to remove you far from your land, and that I should drive you out, and you should perish. 11But the nation that shall bring their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, and serve him, that [nation] will I let remain in their own land, says TheIAM (Yahweh) ; and they shall till it, and dwell therein. 12I spoke to Zedekiah king of Judah according to all these words, saying, Bring your necks under the yoke of the king of Babylon, and serve him and his people, and live. 13Why will you die, you and your people, by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, as TheIAM (Yahweh) has spoken concerning the nation that will not serve the king of Babylon? 14Don't listen to the words of the prophets who speak to you, saying, You shall not serve the king of Babylon; for they prophesy a lie to you. 15For I have not sent them, says TheIAM (Yahweh) , but they prophesy falsely in my name; that I may drive you out, and that you may perish, you, and the prophets who prophesy to you.

Section 3

Psalm 83

A song. A Psalm by Asaph. 1God (Elohim) , don't keep silent. Don't keep silent, and don't be still, God (El) . 2For, behold, your enemies are stirred up. Those who hate you have lifted up their heads. 3They conspire with cunning against your people. They plot against your cherished ones. 4"Come," they say, "and let's destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more." 5For they have conspired together with one mind. They form an alliance against you. 6The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab, and the Hagrites; 7Gebal, Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8Assyria also is joined with them. They have helped the children of Lot. Selah. 9Do to them as you did to Midian, as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the river Kishon; 10who perished at Endor, who became as dung for the earth. 11Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb; yes, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna; 12who said, "Let us take possession of God (Elohim) 's pasturelands." 13My God (Elohim) , make them like tumbleweed; like chaff before the wind. 14As the fire that burns the forest, as the flame that sets the mountains on fire, 15so pursue (Radaph) them with your tempest, and terrify them with your storm. 16Fill their faces with confusion, that they may seek your name, TheIAM (Yahweh) . 17Let them be disappointed and dismayed forever. Yes, let them be confounded and perish; 18that they may know that you alone, whose name is TheIAM (Yahweh) , are the Most High over all the earth.

Psalm 84

For the Chief Musician. On an instrument of Gath. A Psalm by the sons of Korah.

Section 4

1 Corinthians Chapter 7

1Now concerning the things about which you wrote to me: it is good for a man not to touch a woman. 2But, because of sexual immoralities, let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband. 3Let the husband render to his wife the affection owed her, and likewise also the wife to her husband. 4The wife doesn't have authority over her own body, but the husband. Likewise also the husband doesn't have authority over his own body, but the wife. 5Don't deprive one another, unless it is by consent for a season, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer, and may be together again, that Satan doesn't tempt you because of your lack of self-control. 6But this I say by way of concession, not of commandment. 7Yet I wish that all men were like me. However each man has his own gift from God, one of this kind, and another of that kind. 8But I say to the unmarried and to widows, it is good for them if they remain even as I am. 9But if they don't have self-control, let them marry. For it's better to marry than to burn. 10But to the married I command - not I, but the Lord (Kurios) - that the wife not leave her husband 11(but if she departs, let her remain unmarried, or else be reconciled to her husband), and that the husband not leave his wife. 12But to the rest I - not the Lord (Kurios) - say, if any brother has an unbelieving wife, and she is content to live with him, let him not leave her. 13The woman who has an unbelieving husband, and he is content to live with her, let her not leave her husband. 14For the unbelieving husband is sanctified in the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified in the husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy. 15Yet if the unbeliever departs, let there be separation. The brother or the sister is not under slavery in such cases, but God has called us in peace. 16For how do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife? 17Only, as the Lord (Kurios) has distributed to each man, as God has called each, so let him walk. So I command in all the assemblies. 18Was anyone called having been circumcised? Let him not become uncircumcised. Has anyone been called in uncircumcision? Let him not be circumcised. 19Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God. 20Let each man stay in that calling in which he was called. 21Were you called being a bondservant? Don't let that bother you, but if you get an opportunity to become free, use it. 22For he who was called in the Lord (Kurios) being a bondservant is the Lord (Kurios) 's free man. Likewise he who was called being free is the AnointedOne (Kristos) 's bondservant. 23You were bought with a price. Don't become bondservants of men. 24Brothers, let each man, in whatever condition he was called, stay in that condition with God. 25Now concerning virgins, I have no commandment from the Lord (Kurios) , but I give my judgment as one who has obtained mercy from the Lord (Kurios) to be trustworthy. 26I think that it is good therefore, because of the distress that is on us, that it is good for a man to be as he is. 27Are you bound to a wife? Don't seek to be freed. Are you free from a wife? Don't seek a wife. 28But if you marry, you have not sinned. If a virgin marries, she has not sinned. Yet such will have oppression in the flesh, and I want to spare you. 29But I say this, brothers: the time is short, that from now on, both those who have wives may be as though they had none; 30and those who weep, as though they didn't weep; and those who rejoice, as though they didn't rejoice; and those who buy, as though they didn't possess; 31and those who use the world, as not using it to the fullest. For the mode of this world passes away. 32But I desire to have you to be free from cares. He who is unmarried is concerned for the things of the Lord (Kurios) , how he may please the Lord (Kurios) ; 33but he who is married is concerned about the things of the world, how he may please his wife. 34There is also a difference between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman cares about the things of the Lord (Kurios) , that she may be holy both in body and in spirit. But she who is married cares about the things of the world - how she may please her husband. 35This I say for your own profit; not that I may ensnare you, but for that which is appropriate, and that you may attend to the Lord (Kurios) without distraction. 36But if any man thinks that he is behaving inappropriately toward his virgin, if she is past the flower of her age, and if need so requires, let him do what he desires. He doesn't sin. Let them marry. 37But he who stands steadfast in his heart, having no necessity, but has power over his own heart, to keep his own virgin, does well. 38So then both he who gives his own virgin in marriage does well, and he who doesn't give her in marriage does better. 39A wife is bound by law for as long as her husband lives; but if the husband is dead, she is free to be married to whoever she desires, only in the Lord (Kurios) . 40But she is happier if she stays as she is, in my judgment, and I think that I also have God's Spirit.