The Bible Reading Plan

Readings for January 23:

First, Genesis Chapter 17 verses 1 to 14. Follow that by reading Joshua Chapter 22 verses 15 to 34. The third part is from 1 Chronicles Chapter 10 verse 8 to Chapter 11 verse 9; and lastly from Matthew Chapter 14 verse 34 to Chapter 15 verse 20

You can read the passages below. If you're looking to read for a different day or want to use your own Bible, then here’s the entire year’s plan as a list. Enjoy!

Section 1

Genesis Chapter 17

1When Abram was ninety-nine years old, TheIAM (Yahweh) appeared to Abram, and said to him, "I am God (El) Almighty (Shaddai) . Walk before me, and be blameless. 2I will make my covenant between me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly." 3Abram fell on his face. God (Elohim) talked with him, saying, 4"As for me, behold, my covenant is with you. You will be the father of a multitude of nations. 5Neither will your name any more be called Abram, but your name will be Abraham; for I have made you the father of a multitude of nations. 6I will make you exceedingly fruitful, and I will make nations of you. Kings will come out of you. 7I will establish my covenant between me and you and your seed after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God (Elohim) to you and to your seed after you. 8I will give to you, and to your seed after you, the land where you are traveling, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession. I will be their God (Elohim) ." 9God (Elohim) said to Abraham, "As for you, you will keep my covenant, you and your seed after you throughout their generations. 10This is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your seed after you. Every male among you shall be circumcised. 11You shall be circumcised in the flesh of your foreskin. It will be a token of the covenant between me and you. 12He who is eight days old will be circumcised among you, every male throughout your generations, he who is born in the house, or bought with money from any foreigner who is not of your seed. 13He who is born in your house, and he who is bought with your money, must be circumcised. My covenant will be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant. 14The uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin, that soul shall be cut off from his people. He has broken my covenant."

Section 2

Joshua Chapter 22

15They came to the children of Reuben, and to the children of Gad, and to the half-tribe of Manasseh, to the land of Gilead, and they spoke with them, saying, 16"Thus says the whole congregation of TheIAM (Yahweh) , 'What trespass is this that you have committed against the God (Elohim) of Israel, to turn away this day from following TheIAM (Yahweh) , in that you have built you an altar, to rebel this day against TheIAM (Yahweh) ? 17Is the iniquity of Peor too little for us, from which we have not cleansed ourselves to this day, although there came a plague on the congregation of TheIAM (Yahweh) , 18that you must turn away this day from following TheIAM (Yahweh) ? It will be, since you rebel today against TheIAM (Yahweh) , that tomorrow he will be angry with the whole congregation of Israel. 19However, if the land of your possession is unclean, then pass over to the land of the possession of TheIAM (Yahweh) , in which TheIAM (Yahweh) 's tabernacle dwells, and take possession among us; but don't rebel against TheIAM (Yahweh) , nor rebel against us, in building an altar other than the altar of TheIAM (Yahweh) our God (Elohim) . 20Didn't Achan the son of Zerah commit a trespass in the devoted thing, and wrath fell on all the congregation of Israel? That man didn't perish alone in his iniquity.'" 21Then the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh answered, and spoke to the heads of the thousands of Israel, 22"The Mighty-One (El) , God (Elohim) , TheIAM (Yahweh) , the Mighty-One (El) , God (Elohim) , TheIAM (Yahweh) , he knows; and Israel shall know: if it was in rebellion, or if in trespass against TheIAM (Yahweh) (don't save us this day), 23that we have built us an altar to turn away from following TheIAM (Yahweh) ; or if to offer burnt offering or meal offering, or if to offer sacrifices of peace offerings, let TheIAM (Yahweh) himself require it. 24"If we have not out of concern done this, and for a reason, saying, 'In time to come your children might speak to our children, saying, "What have you to do with TheIAM (Yahweh) , the God (Elohim) of Israel? 25For TheIAM (Yahweh) has made the Jordan a border between us and you, you children of Reuben and children of Gad. You have no portion in TheIAM (Yahweh) ."' So your children might make our children cease from fearing TheIAM (Yahweh) . 26"Therefore we said, 'Let's now prepare to build ourselves an altar, not for burnt offering, nor for sacrifice; 27but it will be a witness between us and you, and between our generations after us, that we may perform the service of TheIAM (Yahweh) before him with our burnt offerings, with our sacrifices, and with our peace offerings;' that your children may not tell our children in time to come, 'You have no portion in TheIAM (Yahweh) .' 28"Therefore we said, 'It shall be, when they tell us or our generations this in time to come, that we shall say, "Behold the pattern of the altar of TheIAM (Yahweh) , which our fathers made, not for burnt offering, nor for sacrifice; but it is a witness between us and you."' 29"Far be it from us that we should rebel against TheIAM (Yahweh) , and turn away this day from following TheIAM (Yahweh) , to build an altar for burnt offering, for meal offering, or for sacrifice, besides the altar of TheIAM (Yahweh) our God (Elohim) that is before his tabernacle!" 30When Phinehas the priest, and the princes of the congregation, even the heads of the thousands of Israel that were with him, heard the words that the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the children of Manasseh spoke, it pleased them well. 31Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest said to the children of Reuben, to the children of Gad, and to the children of Manasseh, "Today we know that TheIAM (Yahweh) is in the midst of us, because you have not committed this trespass against TheIAM (Yahweh) . Now you have delivered the children of Israel out of the hand of TheIAM (Yahweh) ." 32Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest, and the princes, returned from the children of Reuben, and from the children of Gad, out of the land of Gilead, to the land of Canaan, to the children of Israel, and brought them word again. 33The thing pleased the children of Israel; and the children of Israel blessed God (Elohim) , and spoke no more of going up against them to war, to destroy the land in which the children of Reuben and the children of Gad lived. 34The children of Reuben and the children of Gad named the altar "A Witness Between Us that TheIAM (Yahweh) is God (Elohim) ."

Section 3

1 Chronicles Chapter 10

8It happened on the next day, when the Philistines came to strip the slain, that they found Saul and his sons fallen on Mount Gilboa. 9They stripped him, and took his head, and his armor, and sent into the land of the Philistines all around, to carry the news to their idols, and to the people. 10They put his armor in the house of their gods (Elohim) , and fastened his head in the house of Dagon. 11When all Jabesh Gilead heard all that the Philistines had done to Saul, 12all the valiant men arose, and took away the body of Saul, and the bodies of his sons, and brought them to Jabesh, and buried their bones under the oak in Jabesh, and fasted seven days. 13So Saul died for his trespass which he committed against TheIAM (Yahweh) , because of the word of TheIAM (Yahweh) , which he didn't keep; and also because he asked counsel of one who had a familiar spirit, to inquire [thereby], 14and didn't inquire of TheIAM (Yahweh) : therefore he killed him, and turned the kingdom to David the son of Jesse.

1 Chronicles Chapter 11

1Then all Israel gathered themselves to David to Hebron, saying, "Behold, we are your bone and your flesh. 2In times past, even when Saul was king, it was you who led out and brought in Israel. TheIAM (Yahweh) your God (Elohim) said to you, 'You shall be shepherd of my people Israel, and you shall be prince over my people Israel.'" 3So all the elders of Israel came to the king to Hebron; and David made a covenant with them in Hebron before TheIAM (Yahweh) ; and they anointed (mashach) David king over Israel, according to the word of TheIAM (Yahweh) by Samuel. 4David and all Israel went to Jerusalem (the same is Jebus); and the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land, were there. 5The inhabitants of Jebus said to David, "You shall not come in here." Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion. The same is the city of David. 6David said, "Whoever strikes the Jebusites first shall be chief and captain." Joab the son of Zeruiah went up first, and was made chief. 7David lived in the stronghold; therefore they called it the city of David. 8He built the city all around, from Millo even around; and Joab repaired the rest of the city. 9David grew greater and greater; for TheIAM (Yahweh) of Armies was with him.

Section 4

Matthew Chapter 14

34When they had crossed over, they came to the land of Gennesaret. 35When the people of that place recognized him, they sent into all that surrounding region, and brought to him all who were sick, 36and they begged him that they might just touch the fringe of his garment. As many as touched it were made whole.

Matthew Chapter 15

1Then Pharisees and scribes came to Jesus from Jerusalem, saying, 2"Why do your disciples disobey the tradition of the elders? For they don't wash their hands when they eat bread." 3He answered them, "Why do you also disobey the commandment of God because of your tradition? 4For God commanded, 'Honor your father and your mother,' and, 'He who speaks evil of father or mother, let him be put to death.' 5But you say, 'Whoever may tell his father or his mother, "Whatever help you might otherwise have gotten from me is a gift devoted to God," 6he shall not honor his father or mother.' You have made the commandment of God void because of your tradition. 7You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying, 8'These people draw near to me with their mouth, and honor me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. 9And in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrine rules made by men.'" 10He summoned the multitude, and said to them, "Hear, and understand. 11That which enters into the mouth doesn't defile the man; but that which proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man." 12Then the disciples came, and said to him, "Do you know that the Pharisees were offended, when they heard this saying?" 13But he answered, "Every plant which my heavenly Father didn't plant will be uprooted. 14Leave them alone. They are blind guides of the blind. If the blind guide the blind, both will fall into a pit." 15Peter answered him, "Explain the parable to us." 16So Jesus said, "Do you also still not understand? 17Don't you understand that whatever goes into the mouth passes into the belly, and then out of the body? 18But the things which proceed out of the mouth come out of the heart, and they defile the man. 19For out of the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, sexual sins, thefts, false testimony, and blasphemies. 20These are the things which defile the man; but to eat with unwashed hands doesn't defile the man."